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Plan 1

Leasing Plan

For the property investor who just needs assistance finding great tenants, take advantage of our years of experience to find the perfect tenant.

Before advertising your investment property for lease, we conduct a market analysis of comparable rental properties in your area to determine the optimal rental rate. Appropriate pricing for your rental property is essential to maximizing your return on investment while ensuring that it is vacant for the least amount of time.

Marketing your rental property begins with professional photographs in order to show it in its best light. These photos, along with a descriptive write-up, highlighting the property's and community's best features, are posted across a variety of relevant online rental sites, visited most by those who are searching the rental market. By providing a very clear picture of your property, it allows us to schedule and conduct showings with only those that are genuinely interested. We also post our Bridgeway Property Management ‘For Lease’ sign at single-family dwelling to attract the attention of people passing through the neighbourhood in search of a community in which they want to live.

We manage all the calls and emails that come in from prospective tenants wishing to set up showings. This initial contact is when the tenant screening process begins and continues upon meeting the prospective tenant at the rental property.  After a prospective tenant fills out our online rental application, we begin checking references by first calling all landlords, current and past, to find out if rent was paid on time, if the property was treated with care, and if the tenants were respectful and easy to get along with. We call employers to verify employment, including income, number of years of service and if they are responsible and trustworthy employees. Character references are also called in order to get a different insight on the prospective tenant from another perspective.  Lastly, a review of the prospective tenant’s credit report is performed to assess their history of managing personal credit accounts and to evaluate their ability to pay the rent.

If the prospective tenants are found to be a great fit for your property, we handle lease preparation and execution and last month’s rent deposit is paid directly to you by the new tenant .  We then hand the responsibility back over to you to manage the rental property going forward.

Our fee for performing a tenant placement under the Leasing Plan is one month’s rent.

Standard Plan

This plan is best suited for the hands-off property investor who would rather have a professional tackle the day-to-day activities that come with managing a rental property so you can spend more time doing what you want to do. We handle all management responsibilities of the property including monthly rent collection, tenant communication, maintenance and repairs, scheduled inspections, and everything in between.

We strive to ensure that tenants are happy living in a rental property that is well maintained. This keeps tenants renting longer and taking greater care of your property. Through periodically scheduled inspections, we can identify any issues that need addressing before they become big problems, and provide a detailed report with photographs and recommendations for repairs or areas that could use some improvement. These inspections are done annually in addition to the Move-in and Move-out inspections that occur during a tenancy turnover.

We handle all tenant communication and do so in a timely and attentive manner, even when an emergency call comes in at 3am, we are available 24/7. We are well equipped to deal with any maintenance or repair issue as we have an extensive roster of trusted and reliable skilled trades-people who we have worked closely with for years. We also schedule regular maintenance visits in order to keep the property running in tip-top shape such as eaves trough cleaning, furnace tune ups, lawn maintenance and more.

You’ll never wonder about the financial health of your investment as you have access to this information at your finger tips any time of the day through the secure online Owner Portal where you can view monthly profits and expenses associated with your rental property. Through the Owner Portal, you can also view lease agreements, contract plans and plenty of other useful items. On the 10th of every month, the profits acquired from the previous month are directly deposited into your bank account.

Although we take the time to thoroughly screen in order to avoid undesirable tenants, if required, we are equipped to take the appropriate steps to evict a problematic tenant in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

Our property management fee under the Standard Plan is as follows:                                                  > Condo Units are 6% of the monthly rent                                                                                                    > Single Family Homes & Small Multi-Units are 7% of the monthly rent 

*Minimum charge of $100 for monthly PM fees.


Additional Fees:

>Tenant placement, as described in the Leasing Plan - one month's rent.

>Non-resident tax reporting services - $40/month.

Plan 2
Plan 3

Premium Plan

This plan is best suited for the property investment owner who is looking for a completely hassle-free approach to property management. From the big to the small, we manage it all, as outlined in detail in the Leasing and Standard Plan descriptions, plus non-resident tax reporting service is required.

Our property management fee under the Premium Plan is as follows:                                                      > 13% of the monthly rent

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My Best Rental Experience

"Residing in a rental unit managed by Bridgeway Property Management has been my best rental experience to date. Shirley and Howard are responsive and timely with all communications and more than happy to fulfill any requests I may have."

Amy W.
Tenant (Sept 2011-Oct 2016)

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Their Team is First Rate

"Howard & Shirley are fair and quick to respond when we need something looked at in our rental unit. Their team of tradespeople is first rate and professional, and their solutions are top-notch."

Michael Adam Murray & Ruth M.
Tenants (Aug 2009-Mar 2015)

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We take care of people as well as properties. Trusted by our clients, direct in our communications, and responsive to your needs.


We are situated right here in the city, know Toronto well, and are never too far away from your rental property, keeping a close eye on your investment.


We utilize cutting-edge software to manage all of your properties efficiently. Access your account online anytime, anywhere, and view financial statements, invoices, maintenance requests, work orders and so much more.

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As a property investment owner, you understand the many responsibilities, and sometimes challenges, associated with maintaining a real estate investment. Partner with Bridgeway Property Management and let us manage it all for you with our proactive, hands-on approach to management. From finding great tenants to ensuring your property remains well taken care of, we make an ideal partner for any savvy property investor in the GTA.


Bridgeway Finds Good Tenants

"I believe the secret of successful ownership of rental property is to have good tenants; Bridgeway finds them and does proper due diligence to assure me that rental revenue will continue to flow regularly."

Janette B.
Property Investor (2003-Present)

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Tenants Never Want to Leave

"The pride Shirley and Howard show in their work is evident in the high level of upkeep in the properties they manage and the fact that their tenants never want to leave."

Arthur Labbancz
Real Estate Sales Representative – Royal LePage Terrequity Realty (2003-Present)

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