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How To Build Value In Your Investment Property For The Best ROI

As a real estate owner, you know just how high the costs can be to maintain your property, whether it’s maintenance and repairs, or tenant turnover.  While these costs can seem a little overwhelming, there are multiple reasons why it’s necessary to keep your property up to par.  Beyond the tenant’s rights, it’s actually a…

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Raising Rent

As the owner of an investment property, you look at that rental property as just that: an investment.  This means that you have a motivation to make a profit off the property, and why not?  That’s why many people get into real estate.  What’s important to understand about making the most of your rental apartment…

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Landlord Responsibilities Part II

Welcome back!  In our last blog we talked about a few of the responsibilities and obligations landlords have to their tenants.  We provided information about maintenance and upkeep on rental properties being partially the tenant’s responsibility, but that most maintenance issues and upkeep falls on the back of the landlord or property management companies.  And…

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