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Landlord Rights Continued

By Shirley Steele | Apr 21, 2016

In our most recent blog posts, we have been dedicating time to teaching each responsible party about the obligations and rights they have as tenants and landlords.  In our last blog, we talked about the rights a landlord has when in a rental agreement with a tenant.  Here are some more of the rights landlords…

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Landlord Rights

By Shirley Steele | Apr 18, 2016

As the market for rentals continues to be hot, it’s important that everyone involved in the rental market is aware of some important aspects regarding rental properties.  One of the most important aspects to a rental agreement is the cooperation between the landlord and tenant.  It’s most ideal when both parties are aware of their…

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Tenant’s Responsibilities Continued

By Shirley Steele | Apr 15, 2016

Welcome back.  Our most recent blogs have weighed in heavily on tenant’s rights and responsibilities. We’ve outlined the fact that tenants do in fact have rights when it comes to their rental agreements. However, with rights come responsibility, and it’s important to understand that the landlord also has rights.  A part of the rights they…

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Tenant’s Responsibilities

By Shirley Steele | Apr 12, 2016

In our most recent blog posts, we discussed tenant’s rights, and everything that comes along with a rental agreement.  While a lease has an extensive amount of information, it is important that you thoroughly read through it.  Not only is it helpful to know what you’re getting yourself into as far as financial commitments go,…

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Tenants Rights Continued…

By Shirley Steele | Apr 7, 2016

Thanks for checking back in with us! In our last blog we had talked about the importance of a tenant’s knowledge of their rights.  We only got the chance to cover a few safety and privacy issues, so we’ll go ahead and take a look and a few more important aspects to tenant’s rights.  Here…

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Tenants Rights

By Shirley Steele | Apr 4, 2016

As a property management company, we find it important to inform tenants and landlords about their rights.  For our first informational series, we’re going to talk about the tenants’ rights when bound to a rental agreement. Landlord Discrimination When it comes to approving or denying a potential tenant for residency in a property, the landlord…

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The Most Important Things Your Rental Property Needs Part I

By Shirley Steele | Mar 29, 2016

Let’s be honest here, we know that your rental property has quite a bit of needs.  From making sure you have the best tenants, to the upkeep of the property over time.  But let’s get down to specifics.  Your property is your money maker, so why not put in the most effort you possibly could?…

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What Does Successful Property Management Look Like

By Shirley Steele | Mar 24, 2016

When you think about being a successful property management company, what do you envision?  Are you doing the bare minimum for your tenants, just seeing them as dollar signs?  This type of attitude won’t get you very far with your tenancy.  In fact, you might see a huge retraction of tenants based on your bare…

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Raising Rent

By Shirley Steele | Mar 21, 2016

As the owner of an investment property, you look at that rental property as just that: an investment.  This means that you have a motivation to make a profit off the property, and why not?  That’s why many people get into real estate.  What’s important to understand about making the most of your rental apartment…

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