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What Your Landlord Or Property Manager Is Looking For

By Shirley Steele | May 19, 2016

When looking for somewhere new to live, you can run into many speed bumps.  One rental property might be more money than you want to spend on rent, another might not accept pets, another property might accept pets, but not one of your size. The list goes on.  Because there are many roadblocks you could…

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Why Should You Pay Your Rent On Time?

By Shirley Steele | May 16, 2016

  When it comes to adult responsibilities, there are few that are more important than paying your rent on time.  Typically, rent will be due on the first of the month and if not paid by then, it is considered late.  Not paying rent on time results in many consequences, both short term and long…

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Waste Disposal Areas

By Shirley Steele | May 13, 2016

Welcome back!  In our last blog we talked about the importance of disposing of waste in the appropriate bins and how it’s not only required, but also helpful to the planet.  We talked about how each tenant, or property is required to have three separate bins, a grey one for garbage, a blue one for…

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Proper Waste Disposal

By Shirley Steele | May 10, 2016

Bridgeway Property Management can help. Every day, every one of us creates waste, some more than others.  From recyclable items to food waste and packaging, there is a lot to be rid of.  With everyone getting rid of trash on a daily basis, it can add up extremely quickly.  It’s important that as a property…

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Make Your Rental Property Energy Efficient

By Shirley Steele | May 5, 2016

Tenants and landlords alike all play a role in being energy efficient.  As a rental property owner, you can take deliberate steps towards energy efficiency in more long term ways.  As a tenant, you can put in effort every single minute of the day to be more energy efficient.  Ultimately, it’s both parties that play…

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Why Cleaning Your Eavestroughs Is Important

By Shirley Steele | May 2, 2016

Being a property owner is a huge commitment that requires dedication and time.  While you may have your own home to think about, you also need to pay special attention to the rental property you own.  Fortunately there are property management companies that provide that dedication and time required to care for your rental property.…

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Did You Know? Ontario Fire Code.

By Shirley Steele | Apr 29, 2016

Because a lease agreement can have many stipulations and clauses, there are many things that can get passed over when you’re reading your rental agreement.  Even more complicated, is working to understand exactly what you’re required to do, what you’re allowed to do, and not allowed to do as a landlord.  For instance, all rental…

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Basic Landlord Responsibilities

By Shirley Steele | Apr 26, 2016

The relationship between a landlord and their tenant can get a little tense if one or both parties are not doing their part to keep the property in good shape.  In many cases, it can be a simple fix or a change in processes.   Here at Bridgeway, we recommend that our landlords take control…

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The Most Important Things Your Investment Property Needs Part II

By Shirley Steele | Apr 23, 2016

Welcome back, in one of our March blogs we discussed the importance that marketing and dedication plays in the success of your rental property.  Getting your property noticed is huge for attracting good tenants, and dedication is vital for keeping good tenants.  And while those two aspects play an integral role in the success of your rental, there…

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