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Lovebird Landlords – A Dilemma Facing Young Couples Who Own Condos in Toronto

By Howard Buckley | Aug 24, 2016

Introduction A friend of mine who has contacts in the mortgage industry recently brought my attention to an interesting dilemma that some unlucky young couples in Toronto are facing, specifically those who are invested in the Toronto condo market. The situation as described to me goes something like this: A young single person buys a…

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Tenant Screening: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

By Howard Buckley | Jul 8, 2016

It’s a good time to be a landlord in Toronto, given the currently low vacancy rate. CMHC estimates that the vacancy rate for 2016 in the GTA will be 1.9% for purpose-built rental units, with a slightly lower vacancy rate in the city. With a low vacancy rate comes high demand for available rental units…

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Things You Should Maintain On Your Own

By Howard Buckley | Jun 24, 2016

Taking care of your rental property can be time-consuming trying to stay on top of bill payments plus the ongoing burden of property upkeep and maintenance. Failing to keep up with property maintenance can lead to unnecessary expenses. However, such property expenses can be minimized with a well-managed regular maintenance plan. While there are many…

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How To Make Your Rental Property Appear Larger

By Shirley Steele | Jun 10, 2016

As a landlord, you want to be doing everything you can to get the most out of your investment property. This means that you’re putting the time and effort into all aspects of the property.  When your property is well taken care of, your tenants will respect this, enjoy their space and give you little,…

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Why It’s Important To Find The Best Tenant

By Shirley Steele | Jun 7, 2016

Going to great lengths to find the right tenant can sound a bit daunting and very time consuming.  It means a lot of research and a somewhat extensive screening process.  Not to mention the walk-through and interview process as well.  It might seem like a lot of work to end up choosing just one tenant…

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How To Build Value In Your Investment Property For The Best ROI

By Shirley Steele | Jun 5, 2016

As a real estate owner, you know just how high the costs can be to maintain your property, whether it’s maintenance and repairs, or tenant turnover.  While these costs can seem a little overwhelming, there are multiple reasons why it’s necessary to keep your property up to par.  Beyond the tenant’s rights, it’s actually a…

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Should You Ask Your Landlord? Part II

By Shirley Steele | May 30, 2016

Welcome back to our blog about what to ask your landlord or property management company about when wanting to improve your rental home or apartment. If you have a great eye for style and decor, your landlord or property manager might be happy to see you put some equity into their investment property.  But more…

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Should You Ask Your Landlord?

By Shirley Steele | May 27, 2016

Moving into a new rental home or apartment is an exciting time.  If you think of your new place as a blank canvas to decorate, then it’s even more exciting.  A rental property doesn’t have to feel like someone else’s property, you can make it into the place you can call home.  You can do…

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What Makes A Good Neighbour

By Shirley Steele | May 24, 2016

Living in a multi-unit dwelling takes patience and understanding.  You’re sharing walls with people you don’t know, and their noise and existence can end up becoming your nuisance.  This is where patience and understanding comes in.  Being a good neighbour means coexisting with the people that live around you, which means understanding what their circumstances…

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