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Tenant Screening: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

It’s a good time to be a landlord in Toronto, given the currently low vacancy rate. CMHC estimates that the vacancy rate for 2016 in the GTA will be 1.9% for purpose-built rental units, with a slightly lower vacancy rate in the city. With a low vacancy rate comes high demand for available rental units…

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Things You Should Maintain On Your Own

Taking care of your rental property can be time-consuming trying to stay on top of bill payments plus the ongoing burden of property upkeep and maintenance. Failing to keep up with property maintenance can lead to unnecessary expenses. However, such property expenses can be minimized with a well-managed regular maintenance plan. While there are many…

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Last Month’s Rent Deposits

Recently I had a discussion with a rental property owner about last months rent (LMR) deposits. Her concern was regarding a tenant who has been renting an apartment from her for several years and has finally decided to move on. Over the duration of the tenancy the rent had increased and it occured to the…

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